The gateway to success passes under the archway of Creativity.

Here at CashRamMovies we have a whole new world of creativity in the making because everybody loves the movies, everybody wants to be a movie star.

For centuries story telling has held the audience enraptured as they imagined the scenery and the characters that took part in whatever adventures were being narrated. Then came radio with its stories that had sound effects that gave even more credence to the tales being told whether it was a stormy black night or a sunny day at the beach with seagulls chattering away in the background. Sound and creativity were inextricably linked for ever. At last came the movies but God Forbid there was no sound, just flickering pictures. It took until 1927 for Al Jolson to be The Jazz Singer and the world had changed once more for the better.

Since then we have had almost a hundred years of visual storytelling that has covered every subject and situation imaginable and fortunes have been made and lost in happy pursuit of movie creativity but it has been an expensive hobby for a select few.

The 1980’s ushered in the short home video that spawned the giant YouTube to show the world how inventive and silly we could all be with a video camera. In the mean time the camera morphed into a tiny precision instrument that was a better recorder of life than some of the bigger camera’s that made the great films. The only thing missing was a good script.

Here at CashRamMovies we want movie makers. That doesn’t just mean sharp camera work it also means great story telling. We want you to write a fantastic script then plan your movie to have excellent actors as well as great scenery and bring it all together in your creativity, your direction, your movie.

We here at CashRamMovie want you to be able to easily put your homemade masterpiece before the whole world and in turn be well rewarded. With CashRamMovie anybody can be a Speilberg because speil means good story telling and a berg is a home thus together we will produce many great home made movies.