Movie Solutions

It is very hard for the small film maker to ever reach a large audience. This is because until now there was virtually no way for a for a small production company to reach the big time without a huge investment in promotion. Now it is possible to get your production in front of a huge audience, in fact the world's biggest audience, with CashRamMovies... and it costs you virtually nothing to reach that audience and start earning money from your movie.

Now instead of finding a distributer and having your movie play in a small theatre on the outskirt of a small town to an even smaller audience with CashRamMovies you start in the world's biggest movie house in front of the world's biggest audience. And it's open 24 hours 7 days a week.

So how does it work?

Instead of you the movie owner uploading your whole movie onto a dedicated web site, now all you upload is your movie Poster on to CashRamMovies. This is your most important document. This is all anyone will see on CashRamMovies but when they click on that poster they will be taken to your own server where they will see your CashRamMovies presentation page.

CashRamMovies Presents

Your Movie Title

Then they can click on the title and be offered the Trailer that you have constructed. Or they can be offered the chance to watch the movie straight away, once they down load the CashRamMovies Player encrypted movie file direct from your server.

Because all the viewers will be CashRamSpam account holders they will have to log in to their CashRamSpam account information on your server. This log in will allow them to watch your movie using our special CashRamMovies Player that only works with our Micro Payment system. Now as they are watching your movie they are paying you pro rata directly into your own CashramSpam account. And if you want you can pay them to watch the first 15 or so minutes to get them interested.

Later on we intend to introduce paying advertisements for your clients to watch in the interval so they can fund their viewing habits with advertisers money.

Last but not least don't forget to go to CashRamPatent and register your movie under our Copyright system. You will need your receipt number to set up your website.

For more detail about CashRamSpams Micro Payments click here.