CashRamMovies Software Set

About CRM format

CRM is a new video format to encode the general video file with a 128 bit key word. The key word is automatically generated based on the original video file using MD5 encryption algorithm. It could protect the video file only performed by authorized users. People can download CRM format video files for free, but can only play it in CRM player after paid to video provider.

You must download and run CashRamMovies software to register or see the movies.


Java Runtime Environment Version 6 or higher is required. Now, only Microsoft Windows systems are supported

Java Runtime Environment (prerequisite)

CashRamMovies Transformer

This software will transform any format video file into a CRM file, which can only be viewed by CRM player. It generates an encrypted video file and the key code for decryption is stored in CRM server. And it also registers the information of the movie in the CRM server.


CashRamMovies Player

This software is to show CRM videos. You must log in to see the list of all available movies. You may choose one and pay for it, then play using the CRM player.